Quality auditing in China

During our visit this year we visited five of our main partners factories, and offices, with the purpose of conducting a full supplier audit on each of them. Luckily most of them are based in Shenzhen where we based ourselves for the week, but two of them were based outside Shenzhen, which went in one instance a three hour drive there, and three hours back, making a very long day, but fortunately with the areas great highway network this proved pretty trouble travelling.

All the suppliers passed our audit with flying colours, and whilst we were there we discovered now products, and technologies that they could offer to us.

Mental note though for next time, don't visit in September, it is far too hot, and humid.

B2M Technology Limited
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Markham Vale Environmental Centre,
Markham Lane,
S44 5HY

With over 30 years of PCB supply chain experience, we provide an efficient, cost effective service that deliver the highest reliability PCB products to customers faster.

  • Multi-layered
  • High TG FR4, Polyimide, Rogers
  • Arlon, Taconic, Metal Backed
  • Ceramic

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